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While we love all of Wrightsville Beach, the North End is by far the BEST part! - Harper P. - New Jersey

Hey there! I’m Harper, and I want to tell you about my family’s home- away-from-home… Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. That’s where we’ve stayed for 2 weeks EVERY summer for the last ten years, at a great place called Wrightsville Dunes.

Wrightsville is a family beach. Yes, they still exist! And you won’t find a fast food restaurant or a waterslide on the island. There’s one local grocery store, a handful of bars and a few restaurants. Other than that there’s… the Beach!

Wrightsville Dunes is an oceanfront condominium community on the North End of the island. Remember that—the North End. It was the last part of the island developed 50 years ago, and by then they’d learned NOT to build RIGHT ON the ocean. 

In fact, Wrightsville Dunes has the widest dune protection on the island…like 50 yards of it. Now we don’t own there, YET, but they don’t have to worry much about storm surge or beach erosion. And just like the dunes, the beach is the widest beach on the island with beautiful flat white sand. It’s gorgeous!

Better yet, even on the busiest holidays the beach is NOT crowded…it’s NEVER crowded. How can that be? Because there is very limited public parking on the North End and NO street side parking! And because the eight Wrightsville Dunes buildings are private… so you can’t get to the beach unless you own or rent there. 

Oh, you can find crowded sections of the beach elsewhere on the island …but not on the North End and definitely not in front of Wrightsville Dunes.

It’s also has not one, but two pools AND a tennis court… which makes my husband and son very happy!

And the color of the water will take your breath away. It’s not quite Caribbean blue, but on the right days it’s close! They tell me it’s because of how the island is situated with no rivers naturally dispersing silt into the ocean nearby. Whatever the reason… it’s beautiful!

Now get this. Wrightsville Dunes has unobstructed ocean views AND marsh views from some of the buildings. We always try and stay in one of those! So we get breathtaking sunrise views over the ocean AND sunsets over the marsh. You have to see it to believe it!

Wrightsville Dunes also has 2-story, 3-bedroom, 3-bath units, so there’s room for my children’s friends who come with us—and they do… a lot! Most units are second homes for the owners who don’t rent, so we’ve gotten to know our neighbors and we look forward to reconnecting every year. It’s our annual beach neighborhood reunion!

Now for the best part. Wrightsville Dunes is just one hundred yards from a big, undeveloped area that’s a bird sanctuary right at the tip of the North End with a mile of wide-open beach. It’s beautiful and quiet… perfect for walks. And the wildlife is incredible! It’s where my daughter goes first thing every year to see what’s nesting and what’s hatched. Don’t mention sea turtles to her because you will hear about EVERY turtle hatching over the years, ALL right in front of Wrightsville Dunes!

Can you tell I love it?!? It really is a special place—or as their slogan says Picture Perfect! But before you do, make sure to look into Wrightsville Dunes. You won’t regret it! 

 Maybe I’ll see you there at our home-away-from-home some time!